Life as an OnlyFans employee

As I’m almost 20 and the life expectancy of the average American is 78, the odds leaves around 60 years of life left for me.

Around 20 years of the rest of my life will be spent in bed, either trying to fall asleep or actually sleeping.

This leaves me with 40 more years of active life.

The average person spends 3 hours a day on their phone, and with these odds, another 10 years of my life has been taken from a screen.

30 years to go.

2 more years of my life are going to be spent sitting in a car.

28 more years.

If I were to decide to not pursue OnlyFans and begin again on the path to get a “normal” job, another 13 years of my life would be spent at work.

15 years left.

4 years are spent eating meals to fuel my body.

This leaves me with 11 years left of life to live the way I want to.

I’m overwhelmed with these odds — but find relief in knowing that I can spend those 11 free years traveling, writing, and enjoying. Hopefully, having an abnormal “sex job” will give me some of those 13 years of life, that are usually devoted to work, given back to me.

Anyways, is it really “sex work” or is it a powerful and confident female sharing her divine physical being with those willing to pay the acceptable fee?

I’m going with the second option.

I get so many questions, compliments and obviously backlash about having started an OnlyFans account at 19 years old.

If you’re reading this to see how much money I make or what I specifically do, I suggest you stop reading now. My bank account information will not be publicized and neither will my content. Subscribe to see if you’re that interested.

(Wink, wink)

I often get asked how I decided to get involved with OnlyFans. Simply enough, I needed money. As mentioned in my 2020 recap, I pay for my own tuition — and now rent. I was tired of living off of my 6 hour work week checks and have always been very open with and proud of my body. The perfect combination! I thoroughly contemplated beginning an OnlyFans for nearly 4 months before actually starting the account. I knew that this may come to impact me in the future and I had to be sure in my decision.

(Update on those worries: My future may not include a 9-5 job since having a history in “sex work” is a turn off to corporate jobs. Creating the account became the promise to myself that I will never work in an office cubical, slaving for a boss who pays me less than the men in the building, and miserable)

This promise to myself guides right into my next point… the judgment of others. Was I ever worried about what people would say? How they’d view me? If people in my life would mock or belittle me?

The short answer is: no, I’ve never worried about the opinions of others. Becoming a people-pleasure in elementary school, I quickly got burnt out on caring about other peoples opinions on me. Similarly to how athletes get burnt out on their sports! It took way too much time and energy to live my life for others. I call this “internal peace.”

I read a quote on Pinterest years ago saying “The only person you’ll ever have is yourself. Only worry about her”

So that’s what I’ve done.

I’ve also realized the same people who patronize me by saying “She’ll never get a normal job now” are the same people who preach “I’ll never work a 9-5!” I feel like I don’t need to explain the irony in this statement.

HOWEVER, I was very worried about how my parents would feel about my new line of work. For months, I kept it a secret from them. Sneaking behind their back, I made an account with a bank they’ve never been with in hopes they’d never find out. A few weeks later, the bank sent me a letter in the mail saying “Thank you for making an account with us!” My dad, always getting the mail from the box, questioned why I made a new bank account.

I lied.

And I kept lying.

But the lying began to make me feel gross and guilty. I texted my mom at 3 am one night, explaining to her my OnlyFans account and then immediately put my phone away. In the morning, I woke up to her response saying:

“I already knew. I was wondering how long it’d take for you to crack!”

She was extremely supportive. My mom understands that if I want to do something, nothing will change my mind about doing it. I’ve been like this since I was a child.

When I was young, we would spend hours shopping for a dress — but once I fixated on a dress I already saw and liked, I was blind to every other choice. She describes this as my being “stubborn.” I describe it as “ambitious and efficient!”

These characteristics have never faded.

Next was my dad.

Of course, I was scared. It took me days to tell him about it after telling my mom.

In the end, Wayne was hyped. After showing him my weekly income, it was nearly impossible not to. HIS DAUGHTER WOULD FINALLY STOP ASKING FOR HIS CREDIT CARD TO GET HER NAILS DONE EVERY OTHER WEEK! WOOHOO!

He said this to me: “You’re 19 years old. You can do what you want. Do you want me to tell you to quit what you’re doing, get a job at Wendy’s, and be miserable your whole life? Absolutely not. This is YOUR life.”

Hopefully now that I’ve explained my parents reactions and support, it’s easier to grasp my extreme lack of care for other peoples opinions. My parents have raised me to make myself as happy as I can and never worry about others. At the end of the day, all I will ever have is myself. Any parent could only ever ask for their daughter to be successful with an abundance of joy and possibilities. I have that!

Next question I get is, and this one always comes with a tone of suspicion, “How does Wilson feel about it?”

Wilson is by far the most amazing man I’ve ever encountered in my life. And I would have never made a decision like this without multiple conversations with him first. As a team, we make decisions together. We make it a priority to be on the same page in big decisions.

Wilson also knows that I, as a radical feminist, will never let anyone tell me what I can and cannot do with my body or life. He believes in this too! Power to us women! He’s here for it! He’s King!

Plus… He knows he can easily be a stay at home boyfriend for the rest of his life if he wanted to. He’s got a full time sugar momma now. Who would complain about that? This sugar momma loves her man.

Next question regards to my level of confidence and / or insecurities with myself after creating my account.

The answer is: my confidence has sky rocketed and my insecurities with my body have faded tremendously. I’m, in no way shape or form, recommended to create an OnlyFans to help aid with body dysmorphia or negative self image. However, in my experience, I’ve grown to appreciate and love my body much, much more. Skipping meals is far less common for me, fueling my body is a higher priority, and loving what I see in the mirror is easier than ever before. I’m PROUD of my physical being! In simple terms — this thang can thang.

I like having an OnlyFans and nothing but good has come from it thus far. Of course, this territory comes with thick skin. I would never recommend OnlyFans to someone fearful of others opinions, being exposed, or going against societal norms.

My advice to you?

Spend your life exactly how you want to — regardless of what other people think.

After-all, the average person reading this only has a total of 11 years of life to spend exactly as they please.

Make it count, take bikinis pics, and get your bag.

Autumn Cambron

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